Why Do You Crochet/Knit?




yeah :frowning:


I crochet mostly for my own benefit. It helps the anxiety and feeling I’m not good enough. And it gets me something to do and see how it grows is amazing.

Doing a huge blanket for myself. The first thing I started when I got back into crochet. And now I am trying to actually do clothes for myself in it. It’s hard but so rewarding seeing how it gets bigger and closer to being something I can actually use.

And I also use crochet so I can watch shows and movies and have something for my hands to do.


I call my crochet my Xanax. Lol!!!

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I learned to crochet as a child but it didn’t stick with me then. I picked it up again as a young mom and dabbled with projects occasionally. Two and a half years ago I had brain surgery, I’ve crocheted nearly everyday since about 1mos post op. I jokingly called it brain rehab b
and I really believe it helped heal me.


I crochet and knit to handle my anxiety, depression, and PTSD more effectively. It may not help my depression as much but seeing something you made perks you up. Plus, having yarn and needles handy or a hook helps so much in social situations. :raised_hands:t2: Feeling stressed? Knit or crochet something simple. I always forget to pack a oh sh!t kit for knitting or crochet for the car though. :laughing:


Honestly to keep me busy. Like if I’m bored, I’ll just pick up a project! If I’m watching something, it gets so incredibly boring unless I’m doing something with my hands. Also just for validation that I can create something interesting or for others. I like making gifts, but am kind of a pushover asking for payment…