Why. WHY AM I LIKE THIS (major brain dump in 777 words at one in the effing morning)

Why is my monkey brain like this? I am impulisvely starting a blog for fun simply because I feel like it. I have no idea what it will be about- probably anything and everything- but we’re doing it. Like should I put some of my writing on it too? Crochet stuff? Color guard stuff? Riding stuff? LIFE IN GENERAL?? Oooh how about my latest hyperfixations? That’ll never end… until I find myself in anoter bout of writer’s block. OOH! :sparkles:books​:sparkles: books are good. I can also do like all things fangirl. Like there are so many things I can do with this its a problem like what am I gonna do with myself. Also I should probably sleep because it is one in the morning but I’m not tired so Im venting/ranting to y’all. HELP. I’m dying inside. No but I got a polo and some breeches today because I’m showing in two weeks but the breeches are low rise and after two seconds in them I was alread burning up and it’s probably gonna be so hot the day of the show and low rise does not vibe with me like I loathe it with a burning passion and yes mother I understand that I sound ungrateful when I complain about the pants you just got me but I am very particular about how I like my pants and I feel so fat in those pants its not even funny. But the shirt is so comfy like love the fabric of it but its polyester and im gonna be in a fricking oven when I show because those pants are thick and for some reason Kentucky is so hot this time of year and it only gets hotter until like August when it begins to very slowly coold down and I’m pretty sure that shirt is the same type of fabric as the shirts my crush wears like he only wears that kind of shirt. I simply do not believe it is summer break. Like how do I go from seeing my friends every day basically to seeing them never for two months and on top of that I get to see my best friend like two more times before she moves to Iowa because she’s a millitary brat. Bro I cried for like half the bus ride home because my best friend is moving all the way to Iowa like no Imma kidnap you you are mine now. It’s funny how my brain works like I am very much aware of my fan making a bunch of racket and my music but I’m so hyperfocused on this that I genuinely do not care. Wow what a brain dump this has become I am so sorry if you want to continue reading this because there is probably gonna be so much more I am actually tempted to copy and paste a written account of the trip to Holiday World here for I dont know why. five hundred words. OF A BRAIN DUMP. yeah anyways this is a roller coaster but no I was fangirling about my book/reacting to it via text to my crush because I was not getting scolded for being loud because thats what happens when I’m at home and I do it out loud my mom does not like that. I need to do laundry I have like enough clothes for tomorrow and thats it. I do not do laundry as often as I should. Also for some reason all the shirts I wear with the exception of a few are church shirts how did I get here what the heck. Also can we have a moment of silence for the two books I’ve started and then proceeded to scrap because I cannot stick with a larg writing project. Like it is not in my dna to so. Why is it so cold and I have to pee but I’m not going to because it is one thiry at night and its dark in the bathroom although I might because I dont see me going to sleep anytime soon because I know I need to sleep but I’m just not tired if you know what I mean. ugh my back itches but I can’t itch it sob- like whyyyy. No but I was looking through my venting doc that I havent touched since march and I saw a whole fricking letter I wrote as like a brain dump to my crush because ahem, :sparkles:shower thougths​:sparkles: iykyk. Is this the end? of my glorious brain dump? I’m gonna sit on it for a few minutes and see if it is the end.


Ok I think that this one is longer


This sounds like my brain everyday :sob: there’s always so much to think about and sometimes it gets overwhelming


It does my brain just won’t be quiet


omg not being able to sleep at one in the morning is so realtable, (looks at clock and feels attacked) also random shower thought… if you crack open a peanut and eat it all alone… your the only one who will ever see that peanut :flushed: