Will I get a personal notification of testing?

I’ve applied for pattern tester calls, so many I don’t remember. Will I get a personal notification? Or does the pattern just show up in my patterns under testing?
Thanks! I feel like I’m asking silly questions, and everyone is so helpful!!!


Hey there!

Usually if the person has confirmed you as a pattern tester (and the pattern is already ready) it will just show up under the pattern testing tab! Sometimes designers will send you a message/chat alerting you that they have set you as a tester, but sometimes not. I don’t believe you will receive a separate personal notification from ribblr to alert you of this (I never have). If you’re not seeing the tests, and you’re pretty sure you should have been assigned to test, I would definitely contact the designer to make sure they have added you. :relaxed:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any clarification :heartbeat:


Thank you! That answered everything!
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I’ve always been contacted by the designer, whether on the original post or in a private message.


I like to make it clear that I sent it, maybe even make a big deal of it with a GIF and stuff.
I dislike the velvet rope feel of other tester calls, I want to include everyone that wants to do it