WIPs, finished projects and future projects

I was wondering what everyone’s favourite overall makes are and why?

Any future projects that you have been interested in making ?

Or any current projects they have made!

At the moment my proudest crochet make has been my little frog as I wanted to make it but only recently found out a great pattern introduced by @WillowArtStudio

And so future make might be making a jumper, shirt or top hat!
Although I also have found a lot of very cool patterns like giant snails or adorable/realistic animals so they intrigue me too!

And a WIP I have is a little mothman who is currently missing wings and antenna!

I am also working on a few patterns such as other frogs and bunnies!

So how about everyone else? I’d love to hear about future ideas and past makes!!:blush::blush::purple_heart:


I love them!!! The little clothes for the frog is such a cute idea, don’t forget to share it/when you do it! What are the eyes for the mothman? I love how it looks :laughing:

I’m currently in the middle of testing a pattern, a cute Tabby Cat :cat2: after that I’ll finish my second WIP, a blanket for my dad, which is somewhat complete just a good amount of rows and border, then finishing my tia’s multiple small gifts and then I’ll see what to do from there lol :rofl:

My absolute proudest make would have to be this


Thank you ! The mothman eyes are made from button!
I love all those projects and bet they’ll look amazing and that your dad will love the blanket!
Your mushroom is very adorable , I understand why your proud of it!!:blush::purple_heart::mushroom:


Thank you! Seeing how cute the button eyes are I definitely should try it sometime, the only buttons I have are all mixed together in a small jar so it’ll be mixed matched lol but it’ll probably still look cute :grin:


You’ve done such a cute job at the frog :smiling_face:


Thank you!!! :blush: :purple_heart: