Wishful Thinking

Hey everyone, I’ve been doing some thinking about Ribblr! I keep wishing that there was a way to sort our wishlists and patterns more categorically… This led me down a rabbit hole, on things that you wish were altered just a bit on Ribblr! So in your ideal world if you had complete and total freedom/control, what would you add or even take away from Ribblr?

This is just for fun, and to get some ideas out here. I love Ribblr, we all do, so let’s be as respectful as possible!


I would definitely like more ability to organize my patterns. It’s so hard to find what I want because tags are so subjective.

For example, to find most of my baby chicken patterns I had to search for “chick”, “duck” and “bird”. And that still didn’t show all of them. I had to scroll through over a hundred patterns to find the rest. (Some of you have a lot more patterns than that!)

Maybe if there were personal tags? That we could apply to our own patterns? (Not the patterns we sell but the ones we own. )

Just my thoughts. :grin:


Yeah, I have lots of patterns in my wishlist, and most of them are sewing, and I HATE SEWING.


I already made a separate post about this a week ago (I think), but I wish you could like people’s patterns instead of only having a wishlist! We could still have both, but I want to support patterns I don’t plan on making instead of adding to my wishlist to show I like it.

An example: I saw a cute Cinimalroll (misspelled, sorry) in a cute deer outfit. I found it very cute but don’t have a reason to make it. Hope this makes sense.


That makes perfect sense!!! I totally understand where you are coming from!


That would really solve that problem!!! I definitely have found that tags aren’t the most accurate!


I truly believe we should have the right to choose more than 5 free patterns in a 24 hour period. What is wrong with 8 or 10? There is a lot of new members here and a lot more FREE patterns being added. The older members have been collecting for a while where there is newer members that wish they could have the same patterns.

Another thing with the free patterns. If I have free patterns and I would like to share it with another member, why can’t I gift it to them because they are needing such pattern and they are out of picks.


That would be incredible!!! It is super frustrating!


I wish you could mark each box on the chart, so that you know what you finished. Rn you can only save what row you were on, which isnt so good if you want to do c2c or crosstitch


Thanks for your suggestions!

If you have a suggestion that you wish to see as a feature please open your own topics so we can see the level of interest, gather feedback, and have our product team review it!


You actually can! Click on any cell in any interactive chart to mark your progress. Will automatically save it for you! :innocent:


thanks for the speedy response. However, when i try testing it on my chart it doesnt mark it. it only saves the last stitch i worked on. Unless it doesnt work when testing your own pattern? rn its marking my last stitch with a red box and shows a row of stitches. I meant more marking off each box individually , since c2c works in corners not rows, and crosstitch is usually done by color


Can you please share a screenshot in a private message? We can continue assisting there!