Words cut deep (poem)

Words cut deep
She knew this firsthand
While she was trying to have a civil conversation
The words uttered to her
Cut deeper than
Surface level
They sliced through
To the bone
And branded her flesh
With what that person
Said to her
Carved into her flesh
In curving lines
Only a master could’ve drawn
Mental illness
Sliced into beautifully deceiving letters
Dancing across her skin
Ugly heart
Freshly cut
She was so used to it
She could’ve done it herself
The blood dripping down her chest
From the words engraved upon flesh
Under which lay her heart
Crying out from inside
Darkness threatening to engulf it
Yearning to be free again
Without the weight of expectations
And her people pleasing tendencies
Oh how the world had nearly snuffed the flame
Inside her soul
Because in this world
We keep our mouths shut