World Mental Health Day 🤗

Hi Ribblrs!

Today is World Mental Health Day.
Now, more than ever, during these challenging and uncertain times, it’s important to look after ourselves and our well-being, and raise awareness to mental health.

90% of crafters agree that crafting improves their mood and 50% say that crafting helps them reduce stress and fight depression.
We are proud to be a part of the crafting family, and to contribute to improving the lives of people around the world, through crafting.

If you ever need help, please know that support is always available for you, both here on our community and through many different organizations.

Feel free to share a picture of a latest creation that improved your mood! :purple_heart:


In these bizarre time we are currently in, my crocheting and knitting keep me sane! Honestly, I feel like I’m still doing something productive and positive in this world. Some of the places I normally donate to still cannot accept donations at this time, but by keeping going, when that time arrives, they will receive plenty. Just because they can’t accept donations at this time, doesn’t mean that the need isn’t still there, and doesn’t mean that the need won’t be there when they can accept. I’ve just continued on, like business as usual (only with a little more time on my hands, since there have been so many places I cannot go and activities that I have been participating in that can’t be done right now)… Keeping my hands busy keeps me relaxed. People with hobbies, especially crafters of all types, seem to faring better through this than most. We know how to occupy and entertain ourselves, and do something that will result in a beautiful finished product.

Sooooooo… yarn definitely is cheaper (and way more fun!) than therapy!!


I made myself a ‘Demon slayer’ anime inspired kimono, and It made me sooo happy… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It combines two of my passions: crochet and cosplay!!


This resonates with me. In my opinion, it’s really important to be able to entertain and challenge ourselves and to be fulfilled. Mastering a skill or doing kind things for others is definitely a great way to feel positive!


I agree ! Crafting means a lot to us and helps us to stay positive.
Not just now, in these crazy times we live in, but always. :slight_smile:

Last year’s autumn I crocheted a Persian Tile blanket by Jane Crowfoot, while watching all available episodes of Outlander on Netflix, and I loved doing it ! The blanket turned out so pretty, and I have enjoyed every single minute making it. It was a gift to myself.

A few years ago, I crocheted another blanket, in a soft minty color. When my mother came to visit, she saw it and loved the blanket. I gave it to her and she was so happy to receive it.
When she passed away this year spring, I placed the blanket in her coffin to go with her.
After that, I felt empty and sad. I knew I still had 11 bals of that same yarn. (I miscalculated for the first blanket and over ordered) So I sat down and started working up another blanket using ‘my mom’s yarn’. It was an easy and simple pattern, just perfect for my mind set then. The blanket turned out lovely, from my mom’s yarn and in her favourite soft color. Yes, crafting helps to get you through dark times.


@FlamingoStitcher Oh yes, just continue creating nice things to donate. Just wait, the time will come when you can overload your charities with your goods, and they will be so happy to receive them !
I hope for you, that all actvities that are low or shut down now, will pick up again soon, because besides crafting, you need these too. :heart:

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That’s nice and funny, @Lir !
I don’t know much of anime and cosplay, but I love how you recreated the clothes from the picture. I’m sure this made you happy !

ETA: @saar

Yes I agree ! Everybody needs this to stay positive and feel good.

But Saar, do you happen to do any fiber crafting ? If not, any other hobbies that keep you happy ?


@Millionbellscrochet I believe I have the pattern for the Persian Tiles! It’s a beautiful piece… someday, I’ll get to it… LOL How sweet that you placed the blanket with your Mum when she passed… a little something warm for the journey to the great beyond.

I miss hanging out with my “Stitching Sisters” over at my church, and the gals from my Project Linus group as well. We spur each other on, learn from each other, and inspire each other as well. I also miss my rosary prayer group. I still pray the rosary, but I got such a feeling of peace and calmness in being able to commune with them in prayer for those in need.


@Lir - I love the colors!! What a neat idea!! It looks so comfy!!

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Thank you! Can’t take any credits for that, because it’s the character design :sweat_smile:
But I love wearing green so it’s a great fit for me!
And it is SO comfy! It’s basically a robe!

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I actually don’t do any fiber crafting (yet!) although I am fortunate enough to receive lots of hand made gifts :slight_smile:
I love learning new things and skills in general, and I enjoy sports (watching and playing) too.
I also love to interact with people much like we’re doing now!


Marjan, that’s a beautiful touching story, I’m so sorry about your mother…
When my grandfather became very sick, I crocheted him a Jewish yarmulke because he was a religious person, and after he passed I made myself a necklace from the remaining thread I had left, so I completely understand and relate… :purple_heart:


@FlamingoStitcher Yes thanks, I felt the blanket needed to go with her.
You should definately try the Persian Tile when you can. It’s addictive ! And so pretty. :smiley:
I’m sure you miss all the activities. It’s so much more fun to have some friends around, instead of doing everuthing all by yourself. I really hope things will change soon…


@saar, Haha, yes I believe you will often be the happy recipient of handmade goods ! :smiley:
Being sporty works uplifting too. As well as watching sports.

@Lir Thanks. :heart:
It’s so nice you made him the yarmulke (I had to google this to find out what that it was !), I’m sure he loved you for it. And it made you happy in return.
The necklace is beautiful ! Everytime you wear it, you will remember your grandfather, just because of the thread you used. That’s lovely.