Would LOVE to know your thoughts

How many designers here have a e-mail subscription/newsletter?

I have been told this is the thing that I have to have.

How do you get subscribers if you have an email list?
Or what makes you want to subscribe to a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter?

This is my link to try and get some subscribers, what do you think of it? What should I change about it?
(I will also send a code to you for my Ribblr shop if you leave me your feedback in the comments and message me with the email you subscribed with)
I really want to create a great newsletter and need your help to know what you want to see in a crochet bi-monthly newsletter.

Thank you for any feedback on any of the above inquiries.




Honestly, I’ve seen most sites have a pop-up that asks you for your name (whatever they want to use) and email for the newsletter and usually offers a free pattern that usually costs or that you can get only through subbing to the mail (+ other patterns in the same situations)
also, others who have like a box on the right or left (please choose right, left is so annoying) or at the end of the page
and others with both
I hope I helped! :purple_heart:


Thanks! I like and may use the pattern specific for subscribers, neat idea. Although I want to share everything with everyone for free, which makes me a horrible business person :crazy_face:
Hard to change, but need to try cause I like eating everyday and haven’t found anyone to feed me for free :crazy_face::crazy_face::joy::joy::joy:


i have my boyfriend who helps but i still have to pitch in and can’t rely on my mom forever :joy:
i wish i could just get a job and help but I’m not allowed unless i work remote because of my syncope :frowning:


I feel ya! That’s def with me.