Would you like to help me with this ?

I found this long muffler in my closet, and I was having this idea of turning it into a sweater vest, it’s chunky and soft. It measure 107cm in length and 9cm wide
Question:-Is this what they call the chunky yarn?
What size of a crochet hook should I use? Is it possible if I make it into a vest for my 25 year old self?


I think that looks like chunky yarn, I’m not completely sure but from your picture it definitely looks like it :+1: there’s usually a range for hook sizes, and you said you want to make a sweater? I would probably use at the smallest 6mm, then keep going up until 9mm or 10mm, so maybe a range in between? I would suggest a smaller hook because you’re making clothing :blush:


I agree I think you should go with an 8mm


Yay…thank you so much you guys, I can’t wait to start…:smiley::heart:


Whenever I find a preloved garment like this, I take a strand of the fringe or sometimes the whole garment if I am trying to decide on a similar colour yarn) to the yarn shop so that I can get a really good idea of the look and feel of the yarn I am buying and I use the information from the yarn band to assess what size hook or needles I need for the project! Failing that, I have been known to carefully unpick them garment and recycle the yarn that way! Good luck with it! Can’t wait to see your new creation!:white_heart:

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