Would you rather

Hey guys! I’m just contemplating some future pattern ideas and I’d like some opinions!

Would you be more likely to purchase a pattern for a cute granny square - just the square - at a lower price point ($2), or a pattern for something made out of the same cute granny square (ie bag, blanket, clothing etc) at a higher price point($3-5)?

I’d love any input people have!

Thank you!

  • Just the granny square
  • Granny square made into something

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I would say it depends on the square. If they are simple/easy style granny squares, I’d make them into something. If they are more intricate/unique, I would say they can be sold as just the square. I’m personally always looking for new and different squares to learn and make, but I also love seeing new things I can make out of any regular square.


Hmm, why not both? I think it would be nice to have the option to create what you want with just a granny square but it would also be nice to follow a pattern with said granny square, you can even make a bundle with all of it too :smile: also I added the tag need-ideas


Thats a good idea! I was thinking if the square is cute and different enough on its own then making it into something is sort of putting it in a box, while selling it on its own allows people to be creative with it! But doing both at different price points would let people choose!