Writing competition #2

Welcome to the 2nd round of voting for our writing competition! The prompt was to write something based on a quote.
For now, the authors will be anonymous so there is no bias.
Also I’m sorry for doing this one one day late pls forgive me :sob: :place_of_worship: !

Avatar fanfic based off quote

“You’ll never understand my pain! My mother… died. She was killed by the Fire Nation…” Katara sobbed and screamed in agony, the events of the day flowing back to her. Aang patted her shoulder, attempting to cheer her up, but his thoughts were far from kind. ”my entire RACE was wiped out by the fire nation, and your crying about your mother?”. Sokka watched Katara cry and Aang comfort her from Appa’s back along with Zuko, and all Sokka could think about was how Katara’s mother was his own, too. He was furious at her for being so selfish, yet he couldn’t help feeling pity. He turned to Zuko, expecting him to storm at Katara, but instead, he was touching his scar…

Zuko stared blankly at Katara, and he couldn’t stop himself from touching his scar, of which was caused by his father, previous fire lord. Thoughts of his own mother flooded back to him, and if she hadn’t run away, how he would have never had that scar at all. “Zuko?” Sokka’s voice broke his thoughts, and Sokka’s stare was kind and worried. “Are you okay? Does your scar hurt?”, Zuko flinched and blushed “uh, yeah, sorry…” (YES, I DO SHIP ZUKKA)

Toph could hear Katara’s sobs, but her vibrations on the ground were what scared her the most… they were long, and shook the ground, and that made Toph remember her own sobs as she ran away from her parents all 3 times, and their own cries when she was found. Usually, Toph wasn’t exactly the soft type, but she went over and hugged Katara, to which her surprise, pushed her and Aang away.


Inspired by Jhonny Depp and Amina Mehmood quotes

If you want to cry
You’re not weak when you cry
Cause I know life is hard
And I know you were strong for a long
Too long
Just cry
I’ll be there for you
Even if you think I’m not
Well I am

Inspired Val Cooper quote

Another attack on the same old place
Another death from some sort of fight
Another day where we all need space
And then we go on with the thought left behind
Tragedy has struck us time and time
And yet despite all of the horror
We walk on, death on the back of our mind
Watching destruction surround us
We have all accepted the horror around us
But is that necessarily a good thing?
We walk on, battered and out of trust
Nothing matters when we watch terror strike
We simply watch, have a moment of silence
Even after moving on, we still fight
There will never be peace, no what we try


  • Avatar fanfic based off quote
  • Inspired by Jhonny Depp and Amina Mehmood quotes
  • Inspired Val Cooper quote
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