Writing competition #3

Welcome to the 3rd round of voting for our writing competition! The prompt was to write something based on a quote.
For now, the authors will be anonymous so there is no bias.

Inspired Frank Tyger quote

When i was little i was bullied in school
but my parents always taught me to keep the golden rule.
when i got older i wanted to do what i loved
but my father said, whatever you do, do it to make money and not because you just want to and you shall not be judged
i went through college and made it through life sad until i heard this great quote!
Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do IS happiness" Frank Tyger had wrote
it was then when i realized how grateful i was to be free
but… freedom is not happiness
fast! my grief turned to glee.
Life isnt all about making money but yet!
To be happy for what you have been given and what you shall get
to what you want to be
and what his quote did to help me.

Inspired by the word "sun"

It hit my skin, the glorious glow, the soft kisses from head to toe, you may wonder how can this thing fade?, it can’t cuz the Sun never goes away, when you feel a slimmer of shade, just know you cannot fade, when you’re in your darkest day, remember the light will never go away, just remember, even when you feel there is no hope, there will always be a simmer of light shining through that will give you and make you a little bit bright.

Inspired by Sam the Hobbit

There once was a Hobbit
Named sam the wise,
Who made a good point
About French fries
He said potatoes are good in
Any dish,
Whether you boil them mash them or serve
them with fish,
You can serve them with gravy
Or melt some butter
Or put them in a basket
To give to each other,
So if you want a tasty dish
Just add potatoes and you’ll get your wish


  • Inspired by Frank Tyger
  • Inspired by the word “sun”
  • Inspired by Sam the Hobbit
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Hi, IDK if this is part of the poem, but maybe the sam hobbit poem cut off? Idk, sorry if i’m rude!


omggg ur right lemme fix that!


The first and the last ones were amazing! It was so hard for me to pick.