Wrong dye lots

I purchased 5 balls of white Premier Parfait Chunky yarn and there was only 1 with a different dye lot. I was testing @xhunni’s crochet cupcake bunny when I ran out of yarn so I started crocheting with the odd one and can you see if it looks weird? I wanted to give it to my niece for her birthday but the ear colors look wrong. Does anyone know how to get yarn from the same dye lot? :green_heart: :rabbit:

The first 3 rows are the old yarn


I can’t tell from the picture, but I’m belive you.
At this point, there is probably little chance to get the same dye lot since they generally do that because they didn’t have enough to fill the order.
The best thing to do is to frog it and plan out better where to use the odd ball to hide the difference. Like if you can make backsides or bottoms or at the very least, make seperate pieces out of the odd one so that the difference might look like the lighting.


Thank You :green_heart:


Good idea! Hadn’t thought of that.


in a sweater they will recommend you make the front and back different, or the sleeves the different. maybe even if you are going back to pick up the collar and cuffs those can be different. otherwise, it’s best to work it like stripes with the different colors