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Not sure if this is something in the works but as a non-designer, I’ve noticed that when looking at pattern descriptions I have a harder time determining yarn weight and attributes. Seems each designer has their own way of entering suggested yarn and sometimes it’s not super clear to me as it isn’t standardized. Any chance this is a future update? Alternatively, Am I missing something?


Hi Amanda and welcome to Ribblr!
That’s useful feedback - thank you! We do have plans to improve the materials further in the future. In the meantime, it might be easier to use the ‘look inside’ feature to look inside the pattern and check out the full materials list!


Yes I agree with this. I would really like to have a specific box to say what the yarn weight is. Likewise, hooks, needles etc. This is one feature of Rav that I’m quite addicted to - I think many others are as well.
I know this goes against the grain of the flexibility of Ribblr but I do think it assists a great deal when people are searching for patterns. If that was standardised, it would mean someone could search for patterns in a particular yarn weight.
In saying that, I like that I can have free text to put more information about the yarn.


Just another thought… You know the website Yarn Sub? That has to be the BEST resource for yarn on the internet. I wonder if you (Ribblr) could link in with that website somehow? I believe it’s run by one person (I’ve found her on IG) - I wonder if it’s worth a chat with her?
I love how you can search by a specific yarn and get all the good alternatives.


Hi Abbey!
Thanks for the feedback, and suggestions!
The Materials page is something we are working on, and it can be a bit hard to find the balance, so your feedback is really valuable!

Lir :purple_heart:

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Hey there, I’m a technical editor for crochet (and sometimes knit) designers. I always suggest designers list the brand name of the yarn, weight classification, %fiber content, then the yds/m per gram/oz as it is listen on the label. All of that information can help users get the most accurate substitution possible.


Hi Emily and welcome to Ribblr! :purple_heart:
We agree! We always recommend to add as much information as possible about yarn in the materials page while adding a new pattern.
One of the great things about Ribblr ePattern is that designers can edit and add more details about their pattern at any time. It takes just a few seconds and is updated automatically!


Great idea!

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