Yarns used in makes

I am looking for a top to make for a grand daughter and I think I found one. Dependent on if I have the right yarn to make it work. Should. But, when looking through the amazing makes … nobody says what yarn they used. I think that is an important addition to journals. Thank you for listening. (reading)


I agree about posting what yarns, or at the very least the weight of yarn. Some of that depends on the area the person lives, like NY vs FL, am I right!? :stuck_out_tongue::sparkling_heart::star2::yarn:


I make amigurumi but I still try to remember to add that stuff and hook size. Sometimes I like to throw in the name I gave it too!:yellow_heart:


It’s just so hard to tell if the adorable-ness is because of the yarn choice, or the quality of the crafter.

I tend to forget, so I put it in somewhat for myself …


This is a great reminder, I used to do this but occasionally I end up forgetting to add them, definitely won’t or at least try not to forget for all my makes from now on, it’ll be as good reminder for myself as well :blush: