Yarny presents!!!

Tell me what you got/gifted for Christmas in the comments :blush: and if you celebrate something else, or don’t celebrate at all, tell us what you did this weekend :grin:

I’ll start

I gifted:
Little ornaments
Some of my possessed snowpeople’s offspring

I received this, from my parents :exploding_head:


I made my brother a Treecko plush, my dad a tiny car, my mom a dragon and for the rest I gave a nice rituals shower set to my mom :grin:

And I got a really cool bag to put my crochet stuff and some yarn into (like current project yarn), having everything together is amazing and super convenient to take with me to different places, I can add a picture tomorrow when I’m back home :purple_heart:

For the rest I spend the weekend cooking lots for family, it was delicious though (but almost a full day of cooking and prepping food oofff)


Very nice! I actually gifted a lot of crochet items since I have a lot of family members :grin: I plan on showing them all on a later topic once I have everything finished (I had to order yarn for a Christmas gift, but it just arrived today)


I gifted way too many different things lol
But cochet related items were a different keychain to all my coworkers according to their personality (a cat for the cat lover, a cactus for the plant killer, a champain bottle for the… Loved one jajaja the usual!)
I got some crochet pattern books, a disney knitting one (as a reminder i should LEARN how to knit lol), yarn… I also got “normal” stuff lol such as earings and pijamas


i dont celebrate gift giving season normally, i usually just buy myself what i want around the time in november when there are lots of sales! i actually bought myself a big and small Addi this year too and also gifted myself two order of hobbii yarn! i suppose i gifted it to both my mom and myself, because we have been going back and forth sharing everything :slight_smile:
i also got a wool jeanie to hold my yarn and it’s been game changing! no longer do i have to fight with a center pull ball, it unravels from the outside flawlessly!

maybe next year i’ll whip up a bunch of yarn makes and gift them in the holiday season, im stocked up on supplies for a good while!

this weekend i worked on my alt knots crochet socks, i should hopefully finish them today! i’ll be sure to update my journal :slight_smile:


I gifted a Hedwig and Gandalf to my boys
Some wooden butterfly’s my hubby made for my mom.
I’m just waiting for the postman to drop off my fluff mail I was to get for Christmas it’s parfait chunky.
I also got some of this yarn


Love all the yarny presents :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: love hearing all your stories.

A big part of my celebrations are about decorating and getting an ambiance going in my home. I have a horror themed tree and I made a lot of garlands.


absolutely adore your tree!!!


I gave my niece and nephew each a crocheted Bluey! They loved them and now they want Bingo too! I didnt crochet them, but thank goodness I got the numebr of the person who does! I got a gifted a awesome yravel bag for my crafts, so I can craft on the go when I’m at trivia!




Crocheted beanies/head warmer, baubles, animals, dish cloths, bath scrubbies, jewelery. I still plan on making a Bluey for my daughter and Zero for my son.

My mom got me a yarn bowl! I was so excited. We’ll be doing Christmas a little later for us and our kids, so I’m hoping I might get a ball winder.


The main thing I gifted was 25 mini reindeer to my child’s class and teachers. And slippers for my middle daughter. I wanted to do more but ran out of time.
The best crochet gift I got was a shopping trip to Joann’s my husband took me on. He got me yarn to help finish my 2022 temperature blanket and a nice Ott Light for crocheting and pictures.
Btw, I really love your tree!


Thanks :heart:

25 little reindeers that’s so cute!


I gifted all my makes to my family and friends, they really liked it, so I’d like to thank everyone who assigned me as a tester. Beside these I gifted embroidered bookmarks, brooches and (not embroidered) books.

I got a bunch of useful gifts (book, thermo bottle, notebook, and patterns from you :heart:…) and I gifted myself a neck reading light (for crochet :grimacing:) and some crochet hooks.

This is my Christmas tree and Gingerbread House :blush:

Happy Holidays to everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That house looks so cute! love this! And cool presents you got :slight_smile:


That tree on the wall, it’s beautiful and space saving!!


i gave my freinds some stuff you can check out this presents!!!
and i got some jumbo yarn and a 25mm hook


I gifted a snowglobe to my daughter and beanie hats to female friends

My lovely daughter gifted me a yarn bowl.
My lovely son gifted me 2 Christmas crochet books, row counter and stitch markers