Years of Knitting and crochet journals

Since i can remember ive always handwritten done the patterns im making in a journal- date, year, time and so on. Ive got notes as far back as 1997. Theyre a journey back in time but even though We have the internet i still do the same


I wish I had written down things as I made them. I was constantly just throwing things together, and didn’t know what I was really doing since I taught myself how to crochet. A lot of patterns I’ve found, I tend to find easier ways to complete than what was written. Or if I don’t like the shape that is being created, I’ll add it subtract rows and/or stitches sometimes.


It would be interesting, too, to see the difference between when I started and now. I know for sure I would probably look back and think, “ugh, what are you doing?” :joy::joy:


Its not to late to start also i love writing and i night have list a pattern over the years but the way i write them done I’ll never loose a pattern. I also have done firever us make photocopies of important and bery okd patterns and laminate them then you can use marker ir maje several copies.


That’s a great idea about laminating!

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Or if you don’t haveca laminator make extra copies and put one in clear file.