0800 No pockets on pants.

This is wat i do only started a few months back plus ive lost so much weight now (45kgs, ). So i crochet a pocket to put my car key or house keys in when i go for a walk or out etc.l

Mind you i also had to take all my long pants in as too big. I handstitched then all. Its good to have these xtra tools (hands) for these things. So we must look after our hands/ fingers i have Raynalds Disease and Rymatoid Arthritis ( i couldn’t crochet or knit or not alot from 2010 to 2020), sorry this is a whole other subject but we need our hands to. :+1::+1::blush:


That’s quite clever! And yes, your hands are super important, you need them for tons of things. Among them are crocheting, knitting, sewing + embroidery, and making food, even turning doorknobs!
@Helga76 I hope your hands are feeling a lot better :pray:


Hi I live in New Zealand nice to meet you even its just through Ribblr the best place to be. I make use out of wat I have at the time. Even when I was 5 or 6 before diagnosis with Rymatoid Arthritis I was given a Windup sewing machine it was plastic red and i coud make my dollys clothes even then I made there clothes.