2 Tiny Thanksgiving patterns just dropped!

Two tiny patterns just dropped in my shop!

They are brand new and have never been published anywhere before.
Thanks to @AuntFanny and @NanaJanice
for editing and @AdolosFlow for awesome pix!


Congrats on your pattern release

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Congrats, theyre so cute


These work up so quickly! Perfect for the Holiday, you could make a few and make a garland, or just set them around the table for some decor. They also make for some adorable cat toys if you use the appropriate yarn and stuffing to make them. (Always monitor your pets as they play with toys made with yarn to be safe)
A picture of my tiny 7lb Chihuahua, Pixie, who decided she had to have the turkey leg.
She is gentle with her toys and loves to hold it by the “bone” and bat it around and play. She was so excited.


Congrats on your pattern releases :smile:

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Thanks so much! More to come for winter and holidays. :grinning:

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