300 follower giveaway winners announced

Hey peeps! Here are the winners for the latest giveaway!
Mango froggy - @Ahuff13
Egyptian Temple cat - @Ezblack
Rosie the Bouquet-saurus- @DragGrace47
Baby loaf dragon - @honeynutcereal
Chonky Shetland pony - @Pandorica42211
Fairy sea-dragon - @Loumimilou
Cat loaf - @vulturevix7576
Stackable cat - @PheonixPolaris

Congrats to all the winners! Be sure to post a journal of your finished make so we can all see how it turned out. <3
Not a winner? Dont worry! My shop currently has the lowest discount yet, a whopping 70% off all paid patterns!
Please go check it out with the link below <33


Wow thank you so much!! I just got the colors in to be able to make the froggy too!!

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That makes me happy lol! I hope you have fun making it, and thank you for supporting my shop <3

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