500 Follower Pattern

Happy Anniversary GIF by Sesame Street

Woohoo! I’ve officially got 500 followers for my shop! To thank everyone who’s supported me, I want to hear what you all would like to see as a free pattern.

Please leave your suggestions down in the comments! I’ll have a poll starting on Sunday for the winning idea, and as I work the pattern, I’ll add updates on when to expect it’s drop!
(This will be a crochet only pattern btw!)

Thanks again to all of you lovely people :heart: I hope to continue making patterns you enjoy!


Congrats on reaching a milestone! Perhaps an amigurumi heart would look cute :smile:

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Super big congrats my friend! :tada:
I would love to see your take on a car rearview mirror-sized hanging plant! I think you could make such a cute one! :potted_plant:

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CONGRATS!!! make a wibbly wobbly mallard!!


congrats!!! banana cow; obviously!!!