A Big Thank You!

Hi everyone! I wanted to say thank you to the Ribblr community for the support I have gotten since starting my business. I know that my shop is in no way big or popular, but to everyone that has followed me, liked my patterns, and even purchased a pattern—thank you all so much! Just a few days ago I released my Skrunkly Kitty pattern, which got SO many more sales than I thought it would! I average around 2-4 sales per pattern released, but this one has nearly quadrupled that! Thank you all, and I hope to keep releasing patterns to make you all happy!
Love, Stitchwurkz



I see a link to your makes, you haven’t entered any yet, but there’s no link to your shop. Did you just create your Shop?

Can you logout of Ribblr and then log back in so we can see your shop?


Hello! No, I created it in March. You can just search “Stitchwurkz” and it should pop up!

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It should be showing as a button when clicking on your profile. It isn’t. It should show up right next to the My Makes button

I did find it searching on stitchwurkz

Perhaps @Ribblr can help with getting it to show up on your profile


Thank you :blush:

To have a link to your shop appear in your profile you should sign out and sign in again as @tygger428 suggested.

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A lot more people will see your shop if it shows up in your profile


Yay.:heart: Your shop button now shows up in your profile

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