a bunch of random questions about ribblr!

hey everyone! i have a couple randome questions about ribblr! id love to know what your thoughts are:

  1. whats your favorite thing about ribblr?
  2. whats your favorite thing about the ribblr community?
  3. whats your favorite thing about ribblr patterns?
  4. whats your favorite pattern on ribblr?
  5. whats your favorite shop on ribblr?
  6. who are your best friends on ribblr?
  7. what is your weekly screentime on ribblr?

feel free to answer all the questions or just a couple! i cant wait to see your responses <3


Umm some of my besties are @FluffyYarnCreations @JaeaRenee @notmimi @EV13isSPOCY @ellan3326 @craftycellist
And my screen time is higher.
And I love that Ribblr patterns you can cross of the lines to mark your place, and I lii on be that the Ribblr community is so sweet and caring ( the ppl in it)

  1. That it’s a community where crochets, knitters, Etc. can just come and talk to each other or get certain things are looking for.
  2. That everyone is so nice and we all try to help each other out when we can.
  3. That they’re so cute! So many people make so many great patterns.
  4. There are so many great patterns I’m not sure if I can have just one favorite.
  5. To be honest I don’t really have a favorite shop I have some favorite patterns, but I think everyone’s shops have great patterns.
  6. These two people have really been so nice to me and always so open and forward and willing to talk to me. Their names are @Jbear13 and @ForgottenStrawberryEm . (If I missed you please let me know and I can change it)
  7. I try to get on at least every day for a couple of hours at least.
  1. me got em patterns>:)
  2. they are very sweet and easy to talk to!
  3. my fav thing abt the ribblr patterns is that they are created with lub
  4. it’s all in my wishlist c:
  5. dang this is hard! perhaps @NessCat @EV13isSPOCY @knotmichelle ! there’s tons more but there’s were all I could think of c:
  6. mah pookies @maddiecore @NessCat @EV13isSPOCY @ellan3326 @littlemisswonderful
  7. 1-2 hrs lol
  1. The community :heart:
  2. Everyone here is so kind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  3. That you can cross off completed rounds!!
  4. Uh, that’s hard…basically everything on my wishlist, lol
  5. Either Wooli or Scarlets Creations!!
  6. Everyone!! Here are a few people: @sakuracrochets @Pickle42 @notmimi @EV13isSPOCY @RainbowPenguin2 (I’m sorry if I forgot you!! :heart: )
  7. I really don’t know. Um, probably 2 hours???
  1. How easy it is to find and buy amazing patterns.
  2. Everyone is so kind, and how we can work together.
  3. You can check off the rows you’ve done.
  4. Cute lazy daisy flower, by @FalseBubbles
  5. Abigails little creatures, by @Abiii
  6. Some of the sweetest people on ribblr: @Abiii @EveIsCool @suettle
  7. NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW…. Way too much.

ooh i like the idea of asking these questions <3
1~ the community fs- everyone here is literally the sweetest, most caring and accepting ppl i’ve met, i luv u all sm
2~ how supportive and sweet everyone is
3~ being able to check off row by row cuz i always lose track + how easy they are to use :pinched_fingers:
4~ aurhhgufndudjhf i cant pick oneee​:sob:
5~OMG AGAIN I CANT PICK ONE- but some rly good ones are fearnotsbotiques (@sakuracrochets), sunshine studio (@NessCat), knot enough yarn (@EV13isSPOCY) ((def not promoting only the pookies​:skull::heart_hands:))
6~ @sakuracrochets, @NessCat, @EV13isSPOCY, @littlemisswonderful (the pookies <3), @anon74877402, @StormiWeather13, @LittleRaindrxp and sooo many more but i can only tag 10 ppl​:sob: I LOVE YOU GUYS SM THO <33
7~ i was grounded this past week so it rly wasnt that bad but usually… cough 6-7ish hours cough (i dont have an actual life​:sob::v:)


oouuu I love this :0

  1. I love how kind and understanding everyone is on here.
  2. very sweet ppl on here that are easy to talk to ^^
  3. I love how they’re all so creative and “amazing” :clap::sparkles:
  4. I don’t hv a favorite pattern, I love em all~
  5. eee- I don’t hv a favorite shop either :,) they’re literally all so amazing :sob::sob:
  6. well, I hv a bunch- but pookies come first ;D @maddiecore @littlemisswonderful @sakuracrochets @nesscat
    a couple of some other frens ^^ @anon74877402 @Rosieaves2 @ellan3326 @pickle42 @coxkroach @KEXtheZephyr
  7. I don’t know how to respond to that- :skull::raised_hand:

Thats so nice of you to say oh my gosh. That has litteraly made my day :heart::heart:


Here we go!

  1. All the great free patterns >:) GIMMIE GIMMIE
  2. The chat. It’s chaotic just like me
  3. The crossing off feature on lines is rlly useful
  4. Umm i dont really have one
  5. Same as number four, but @nesscat has a really good shop! I cant think of the others on the top of my head.
  6. I dont really have best friends, but i have friends! @nesscat @maddiecore @EV13isSPOCY @SP4C3W4ST3 @KEXtheZephyr @CreshesxCritters (ish, whenever i see them im just happy :smiley: )
  7. Umm…. I’ll just say on average I spend 5 hours a day on Ribblr O-o
  1. the people :heart:
  2. they’re sooo nice and helpful
  3. They are really easy to use + i like the feature where you can cross off rows and rounds
  4. my fav problem on ribblr is prob this one FREE Chonky Mushroom boi Boi: Crochet pattern | Ribblr :mushroom:
  5. my fav shp on ribblr… i can’t choose!
  6. my besties on ribblr - @JaeaRenee @Pickle42 @ambre3 @maddiecore @EV13isSPOCY @ellan3326 @OMLET @NessCat @littlemisswonderful @evalynnRose sry i couldn’t tag everyone :sob: i got to many besties loll
  7. my weekly screentime is like a 3 hour average lol

Easy access to patterns :))
Probably the community, and how nice and accepting y’all are!
the fact there’s s o m a n y
uhhh, I love a lot of them, but the gaia top (not released yet!) is probably one of my top :>
@DasChubba’s shop! love her sm <3
there’s so many, but my absolute best friends are probably @RingoSilly (HMM WONDER WHY), but I love all of y’all sm :sob:
9+ hours daily

  1. talk to ppl and test patterns
  2. all the nice ppl and ma pookies
  3. a lot of them are free
  4. hmmmm idk probably @EV13isSPOCY’s onesie animals <33
  5. Wooli Amigurumi or smth like that
  6. MA POOKIES @EV13isSPOCY @maddiecore @sakuracrochets @NessCat
    and some others @BubblzCrochet @evalynnRose @SweetTomato @craftycellist IM SORRY IF I FORGOT UUUU PWEASE LEMME KNOW
  7. well my laptop has a 3 hr screen time limit or smth so…

I literally thought I was on Ribblr more that anyone but…… I mean for screen time one day j think I got 4 hours

That’s the most I’ve had on my phone. Idk about my laptop tho


My daily is 40 mins and weekly is abt 2 hrs- not as bad as I thought it would be lol
As for the other questions, there’s too many answers to write!

  1. The amount of pattern diversity! (And how supported designers are)
  2. TESTING TAB. It’s so helpful, and a great way to get involved with the community
  3. How they’re interactive obv. Soooo convenient
  4. How can you ask thattttt
  5. I love wooli!!! Also Stella’s Yarn Universe and Scarletts creations
  6. I haven’t been on here super long but I’m gonna be bold and say @Pickle42 @EV13isSPOCY @Rosieaves2 @littlemisswonderful @JaeaRenee @NessCat @SporkyGirl (if I didn’t tag you it’s cause I was scared lol)
  7. Daily around 2-3 hours I don’t want to know my weekly lol

Besties :heart_hands: also im checking my weekly ribblr screentime and it says… 30 hours :exploding_head:


Yeeeeah mine would prob be around 20 lol


my fav thing about ribblr is i can express myself
the people
i can create patterns
i dunno i have a lot of fav shops
i can be creative
learn new things
my friends @notmimi @NessCat @EV13isSPOCY @Pickle42 @SP4C3W4ST3 @craftycellist @craftycrotcheter @SweetTomato @RainbowPenguin2 just to let yall know yall got a friend in me :purple_heart: sorry if i forgot anyone!!!
i dunno my screen time ooofofofo :skull:


Awwww yes we are def friends <33