A Heartfelt Note on Pattern Testing

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts and feelings that have been on my mind recently, and I hope you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

As many of you know, creating crochet patterns is a labor of love. I dedicate a significant amount of my time and energy to write the patterns. Before releasing these patterns, I often reach out to the community, asking if there is interest in testing them. The positive responses and enthusiasm I receive from you all mean the world to me, and they motivate me to continue pursuing my passion.

However, I’ve encountered a challenge that has been disheartening. After carefully selecting testers, particularly on platforms like Ribblr, I have noticed a trend where some individuals express interest, apply for testing, and then unfortunately, they go silent when selected. This experience is genuinely hurtful and discouraging.

I understand that life can get busy, and unexpected events may arise, preventing someone from fulfilling their commitment. However, clear communication is essential, and it helps both parties involved.

I want to emphasize the importance of open and honest communication. If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to test a pattern after expressing interest, a simple message goes a long way. It not only helps me understand the situation but also allows me to choose an alternative tester promptly.

I want to thank those who have been reliable testers and have supported me through this journey. Your dedication means more than you can imagine.


Sorry you’ve experienced that!

To help with scenarios like this we’ve introduced unique tools, thanks to feedback we received from Ribblrs.

  1. Assign testers -
    You can assign testers, but also remove them. This will remove your patterns from their library. Since we are not using PDF or downloadable formats, no one can then abuse your pattern.

  2. Release pattern in parts
    You can use our ‘Block view from here’ feature to release your pattern in parts, making sure testers have to provide feedback by X date before releasing the next part.
    Ribblr help center | Can I let testers see only some parts of my pattern?

  3. Karma points -
    Check the karma point of the tester before approving. This is an indication of previous rating by other designers.


I know you are still working on this but can you make it to block each tester separately? Patterns that only take a few hours would hold up the testers that finish it immediately. Which makes the testing process take longer for them.

This is helpful, but yet not. If all they test is “no sew” for example, it doesn’t help for an intermediate pattern. That would be cool to include. (that one just popped into my head …)
More importantly, can you make it show how many they backed out of after seeing the pattern? And how many they were removed from?
I really want to start comparing lists we are all making but sadly not sure how accurate that would be either.


There’s definitely room for improvement! And we’re on it :slight_smile:

I’ve logged your feedback but relaying notes from previous conversations within our product team - this is realistically unlikely to happen, at least in the near future, as it’s a very complex process both for the crafter, the designers and to build.


Thank you for the feedback. I will quit asking. I really do appreciate you(s).

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Wow thanks for the transparency. Testers call have always been kinda playing the lottery. You just gotta close your eyes and hope for the best.

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This is just one of the reasons I don’t design and why I won’t test. I’m way too busy working full time to commit to doing either anyway

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