A little insite

This is exactly what it feels like to have your patterns tested.
I am not complaining or shaming anyone, by any means, but if you do not design, you have no idea what it’s like on this side.
And my kind, sweet supportive husband told me “shut up, you literally asked for this”
I can’t wait for another round of this next month :grin:


I feel this :rofl: I’ve had some really bad tester outcomes lol I’ve also had people tell me it was too hard and quit :woman_shrugging: I have to keep a list of people who I will not allow to test for me anymore.

And my husband says the same thing! :sweat_smile:


I think it’s been a net positive, I just find myself sometimes marveling at the interpretation of what I wrote
The only real complaints I have are the folks that don’t read the post before asking to test… and that was not just this time with the mystery, it happened with the posts with pictures and clear descriptions of what it was.


As for the mystery of it all, I thought it was the mystery of what the pattern actually looked like, not so much the theme. Sorry about that.

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you’re fine I just started off as paranoid someone would figure out what I was doing and beat me to it…turns out to be a lot harder to pull off than I thought it would be
but I kind of like the mystery thing, I’ll have to plan a game or something for the next batch of patterns


That might be neat!

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people need to start realizing that it’s the testers that are doing the favor and not the other way around
you can’t just treat them poorly and then use them for free advertising, and they need to stop being so eager to be used
it should be fun to enter a testing call and then you should be made to feel appreciated for the service