A New Hobby For The New Year

Hey everyone! Hopefully I’m posting this in the right place. I’m not sure if anyone will get anything out of this but at least one day I can look back and see how far I have come from the first month of crocheting.

Sometime ago someone, ( I don’t remember who anymore), gave me a whole trash bag full of yarn. For months it was sitting in a container under my bed but now I’ve finally decided to do something about it! So I picked crocheting.

I started at the beginning of the month only making small things and only following along with video tutorials. I had no clue how to do any stitches, how to even hold my yarn to keep a good tension, and magic circles felt impossible. I tried to follow along with a video to make a triceratops plush but I didn’t even finish the head before I gave up since it was so mishapen from not knowing anything or counting my stitches properly. I felt pretty crushed after failing which although was very frustrating, I kept moving along.

(Left to Right, First heart made to Final heart)

I made a few more things, A few cute coasters I won’t really use, a chicken pot holder as a christmas gift, a plush bee, and a granny square I have no idea what to do with.

Then I started looking around and found a pattern that led me here to Ribblr. It was a cute bear but it would be the first time I followed a written pattern so I was extremely nervous. I took my time, it took forever, I made a mistake with the legs, but I finished it and loved it.

Now I’ve made a few more plush and looking for more patterns to make! If you’re starting out like me and getting frustrated, finish the piece. Maybe try finding a different tutorial that will just make it click or try a different thing entierly. Practice, people say it all the time for everything, and I think most people would rather skip the awkward phase and failures, but practice.

Thank you for reading!


Amazing progress. Well done :green_heart::green_heart:


I think you’ve made great progress :heart:. Keep going :heart:


It’s amazing to see your journey so far and I can’t wait to see how much you’ll continue to grow :smile: I understand that part of skipping the awkward phrase lol also just curious what patterns did you use, if any, in the second photo the two amigurumi on the right (the blue and white bear and the bunny with the blue bow) :laughing:


For the bear I bought the “Bubs the Bear” pattern By: honeybunscrochet

And the Bunny is the Free pattern “2-in-1 Bunny and Bear” By: knotmichelle



I knew they look familiar! I actually have both those patterns but haven’t had time to make them yet, I love how your Bubs the Bear came out! I love how you did the colors :laughing:


Wow! Some amazing progress! Glad you’re having fun with crochet :heart::heart::heart:


Hopefully you find time to make them one day since they’re so cute <3

And thank you! :blush: I didn’t have any chunky yarn to make it but I have a lot of white and I thought the blue would keep it from being boring.


Ahmazing progress!
The ones who get good at it are the ones who keep trying, keep learning, and keep practicing!


Great progress! Keep crocheting! :wink: