A question on pattern releases

Would you rather have patterns in a series released in a bundle or one at a time?

I’m working on a series of 21 patterns and was planning to release them in groups of 3 but I’m excited and impatient!

What would you prefer as a consumer? Three at a time which would take longer to be released but would fill time better or one at a time so they could be released more quickly?

No wrong answers!


Ok this is just my opinion! I would prefer all of them at once because I am not likely to buy every single pattern, so releasing all of your patterns at once will give people more options and they can pick the one that they like best! Again this is just my opinion :blush:


That’s totally understandable! I don’t think I would release all 21 at once as frankly not even half are done but maybe groups bigger than 3 would be better?
I think I also assumed that since they’re free patterns then crafters might want to make all of them but that’s not necessarily true! Just because they’re made to go together doesn’t mean they have to at all :slight_smile:


Oh! They are free! That makes more sense. I also thought that they would be bundled. So if there was just one someone wanted they would have to get the whole bundle.


No, that’s too much extra work haha
They’d all be their own patterns just released at the same time :relaxed:


I prefer one at a time as a consumer.