a suggestion + place to vent

i know this time of year can be rough for a lot of people, so i wanted to share a suggestion my therapist gave me

this list is pinned up on the wall in front of my desk, since most of my severe suicidal/depressive episodes happen at night while i’m alone in my room. basically, the reasoning behind it is that when those feelings strike, it’s very hard (or downright impossible) to think rationally. so it may help to have a physical reminder—one that you wrote while you were in a relatively better headspace—right in front of you.

feel more than welcome to vent in the replies. i’m worried about y’all. though i have trouble saying it, i really do love and appreciate all of you. please keep yourselves safe :people_hugging:


Well, my vent is quite… personal.
I have ALWAYS despised my school and my teachers’ responses to bad behavior. The kids cuss, bully, belittle and make fun of people for being different. I have broken down from noise levels that are too much from me. People have laughed at me for these episodes. When i talked to the counselor at my school after mental breakdown in gym number 1,371,68, he simply said “boys will be boys! Can’t do anything about it at all.” (Thats basically what he said, anyway.) I have contemplated $u1c1d3 on multiple occasions due to class behavior and the bullying. My friends are the only thing that ground me. I feel like nothing sometimes because people want that spotlight all for themselves. Death seems better than depression and feeling like nothing
My little vent <3


omgg i love this smm :sob:


That is actually a really good idea. :open_mouth: I might have to try it. :sweat_smile:


please if you want to talk im here for you <3


I always have Internet Hugs for anyone who needs them!
Those are great reminders @jinas - thanks for sharing. I’m sure everyone could use them sometimes.
Take care of yourselves. You’re important.
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Nothing to vent as I’m doing welll mentally.
I would however love to give hugs and mention that if your reading this and having a hard time at the moment. Whether it’s processing an experience or feeling over stimulated these few tips help stabilize. breath work, also reaffirming to yourself your worthy. Remove yourself from the situation and find something that brings you joy.
I know it’s rough out there and the original poster also gave some awesome tips as well.

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