a sweater story

So, I’m sure everyone has seen the sweater test calls this week, and I have had a lot of questions and comments.
So here’s the story of Granny’s sweater…
Some time in the 90’s, I had come across a sweater pattern from the 70’s. It was only a partial pattern, and in French, but I fell in love with that black and white photo.
I am not as skilled in crochet as I am in knit, and chevrons confuse the heck out of me, so once i decided to start translate and recreate this sweater, it took me about two years to get the pattern right…and I hated it.
I took me another year or so between babies and work to get a pattern I was happy with. So I made a sweater. It was heavy, it was hot, the sleeves were not right. I ran out of one of the colors and replaced it with a fourth color from the little stash we had because we couldn’t afford more at the time and I just wanted to finish it. It was also constructed from the bottom up, which I was not in love with. So I packed the sweater up and labeled it “one day”.
That was 15 years ago that this sweater has been moved from closet to closet and thought about every couple of years.
When I started going through my patterns and entering them into ribblr, I also started digging up old swatches and notes and finished item to study, I pulled out “The Sweater” again and decided that I should make a knitted version that is top down, now that I have so much more experience at it, and no distractions to keep me from finishing it. That was nearly a year ago.
That is the sweater in the pictures to show the stripes and the construction. Then I decided that maybe I should do a set of the sweater in different types of waves and chevrons and do a set of crochet ones like the original in some fun and funky ripples that you don’t normally see.
So I have been working on these 7 sweaters (plus one that will not be in these sets) for about 6 months now.
So here it is, the sweater from 15 years ago that spawned the magical sweaters:


I love it! It’s so awesome to learn how things started and how long before it came to what it is now!


Wow that’s an incredible story, it’s wonderful how you’ve gone through a journey with that sweater!


Thanks for sharing your story that’s kept you busy for many years.
I love how it looks.


Thank you for sharing that makes this sweater very special! I can’t wait to see how all of them turn out.


Wonderful story! Its always good to remember that things come with hard work and dedication!


Oh my, this brings my respect for you to a whole new level! I want sooo much to work on ALL of your patterns! :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:


Amazing story!! I always love seeing how people can create these beautiful things from a simple idea, yarn, and needles/hooks :blush: