AAA. (Help)

I don’t know what else to title this :sob:

I have 5 things i need to complete soon, and idk what ones to do tonight

1, Flower pillow for Mother’s Day
2, write ELA narrative (due tmr night) ← 100% doin this tonight
3, start crocheting a lion
4, finish art assignment
5, finish missing Spanish work and pray to every god that it brings my Spanish grade up

Ill be putting on Hannibal in the bg and im pretty good at multitasking so i wanna try to choose 3 things to do…


2 5 4 and take thirty minute breaks to work on 1


Pillow cause mother’s Day is almost here, ELA, art assignment


focus on 2, take a break and work on 1, finish 2, work on 1 so more, do 5


do everythings thats due the soonest
a tip that helps me decide what to do:
make 2 seperate spin wheels
on the first one put down all of your tasks twice (so 5 tasks = 10 categories on the wheel)
on the 2nd one put down the amount of time you want to spend on it (10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, 1hr) and then spin the 1st and 2nd one and see what you get!