Abbreviations for Tunisian Crochet

I’m needing to add instructions for a slip stitch bind off to finish a pattern, but the abbreviations tslst is for binding off using the Tunisian simple stitch. (I usually use the abbreviation ‘ss’ for ‘slip stitch’) You can slip stitch bind off with any stitch, so if I use the abbreviation tslst it will link to the tutorial video about the slip stitch bind off with the Tunisian Simple Stitch, not the stitch I want to use, but the ‘ss;’ abbreviation has no underline/explanation/tutorial. What should I do?

Hi Hayley!

To answer your question, sl st is a stitch that depends much on where you insert your hook. In our video for the abbreviation tslst, it shows the classic tunisian sl st, but technically there’s no way to demonstrate a general ‘sl st’ in a video without inserting the hook in a specific way.
That’s why we recommend that if you have any special abbreviations or special stitches, you should add them as a line in your pattern’s instructions, and you can also add your own video tutorial for that stitch.
We don’t use the abbreviation ss in our Tunisian stitches list, but you can still use it if you wish and simply add instructions for it in your pattern.

Hope that helps, let us know if there’s anything else we can help with! :purple_heart: