About a scarf

I live in the tropics. I want to crochet a scarf for a friend going to work in Cologne Germany in Sept. She’s petite, slim and gets cold easily. What type of scarf should I make? Any other suggestions?


Hmm I wouldn’t know as people’s tastes can be vastly different, but you should definitely utilize the search function in the pattern shop! There’s tons of good scarf patterns and I can’t link them all unfortunately lol :laughing: Just make sure to filter it by crochet and scroll through to see what you think your friend would like :smile: I think fingerless gloves/mittens would be nice and even beanies could be considered but that’s if you know their head size/have access to other hats to reference, etc I also added the tags need-ideas and suggestion to help spread it out more :smile:


@ArtsAndNaps Thank You!


No problem! I hope you find one that’s suits their tastes :smile:

I echo what arts and naps said about taste. Some like texture and other like simple. I would recommend though being in a cold climate that less holes in the finished piece the better it keeps a person warm.
I do have a few ideas I can post here for you to look at both free patterns
I’ve made this one and it’s lovely


I have 2 scarf patterns in my shop!

Heres one of them: