About the Eco Crafters space

Welcome to Eco Crafters! We are an inclusive space that encourages sustainability, accessibility, affordability and being more eco conscious not only in our crafts but in our lives. All crafts are welcome.

This community is for us to come together and share advice on how to achieve sustainability in all areas of our lives. If you know of yarn, fabric or notions that are natural fibres or from a company that make an effort to give back to the planet then this is the place to share them. We aim to avoid plastics and other man-made materials, but also to avoid unsustainable farming of natural fibres which includes making sure the workers are being paid fairly. Being sustainable shouldn’t have to break the bank so we try to keep affordability in mind and accessibility.

Post guidelines:

  • Check if your question has been posted before.

  • Keep in mind that not everyone has the same financial status as you.

  • Please disclose any affiliations you have with a brand when mentioning them.

  • Try to avoid self promotion unless relevant to the discussion.


  • Absolutely no homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, ableist or otherwise harmful or rude behaviour.

  • No post spamming.

  • No judging of those unable to afford indie dyers or natural fibres.