About the ND Crafters space

Hey I wanted to start a wee corner of the Ribblr app for NeuroDiverse crafters and designers.
This space is for anyone who feel they are neurodiverse, doctor diagnosed or self diagnosed doesn’t really matter.
I want this to be an inclusive space where we can discuss wip, what we craft and the (fun?) challenges of crafting.
I would also like to try and get a ‘body doubling’ space running if possible, time zones permitting.


love this idea! :sparkling_heart:


I had to look that term up, I guess I would be under that term. I have ADD, expressive language deficit and auditory processing deficit (which can make life real interesting), I’ve learned to work around them over the years for the most part, tho I’m much better at expressing myself in writing than speaking, there is a hard wire issue with what I’m thinking and being able to pull down the correct words for my thoughts when I speak, tho the problem isn’t there when I write, go figure, lol. The brain is very complex.