Advice for size!

I am using the Tunisian :yarn: stitch to Crochet :yarn: a baby blanket. The only request was that it’s big enough to swaddle the baby. He’s a new born. I’m working on my 10th row of squares. But I’m wondering what my middle ground is for decreasing back down to one square. Anyone have an idea as to what row I should start decreasing? TYIA


I think you should ask them. I would anyway. This website might help. But, swaddle says 40" to 48". Pretty big margin.

Whatever you decide, when you start decreasing, it should be the length you want. So, with my example, 40" or 48". Or some point in between.

Although, I think the list said 2 months and older, and you said newborn. ???


Thank you! I guess I can just measure. It’s definitely not for sleeping. Just for wrapping around the baby when snuggling.