Advice for working with chunky yarn?

Hi everyone!

I’m planning an amigurumi crochet project using some thick chenille yarn and I don’t often work with that yarn. I read a while back that to avoid getting a “bump” at the top & bottom of your pieces you should work in multiples of 8 instead of the common multiples of 6 (depending on your pattern). I wanted to know how necessary you think that is? Do you run into any issues when working with thicker yarns? Or do you find you can just make any pattern with thicker yarn without having to rewrite parts of the pattern?


Use a size under the recommended (I usually use 5 mm) I always work in 6s but sometime I do 8s. I recommend the 6s, but that’s just me.


Don’t have your tension too tight!
one issue I always have with plush yarn is closing the magic ring. It always brekas whenever I pull! A tip I do is crochet a bit looser than usual when doing the sc’s in thhe mr, and very gently tug it.


I ch 2 when I use plush/ chenille yarn. And then I just sc how ever many in the first ch.