Ok so this is a spot to rant and I/others will give you advice about what happened. If you have any questions please ask away! This is a judgmental free space. no harassment or mean things. If you have to say something bad put a :bangbang:trigger warning :bangbang: before you say anything.


I hate when people ask if you are okay when you’re clearly not. I was literally crying and someone asked if I was okay; I obviously said “yes” cause I didn’t know what else to say. They simply said “okay” and walked away. My real friends, instead, sit by my side and hug and comfort me.


I agree it always feels terrible cause it seems like they dont even care. I hope you know you are loved and ill always be by your side <3


this might make no sense at all:

does anyone ever like, want to date someone but also doesn’t but also does, especially since its a guy you’ve liked for a long time, but also you don’t know if its the right idea because your like 14 but like a lot of people your age are dating, and you have a REALLY decent chance with this guy but also u know u shouldn’t date him but u still really wanna. and like your parents would probably be ok with it but again your only 14 and u might make the wrong decision but still.


you should go for it lol


if you feel like its gonna work out either way, and your parents are good with it, id go for it- take a chance!


Im so sorry that happened to you. :pensive:


okay i feel like i need to just rant/vent about this.

I have a HUGE anxiety of calling people out of the blue. I always feel like a burden or that Im bothering them, or theyre busy, even if I get the “okay” from someone who will let me call them out of no where. It still freaks me out for the reasons stated before, and its so weird. Im always praying they wont pick up, even though I called to talk to them.
Normally, Im not even afraid to talk on the phone, its just the weird fear of them thinking youre annoying/theyre busy/a burden/or bothering them. Most of the time it doesnt feel like that’d happen but its super hard still.

the other day, I was really upset. I needed someone to talk to, so naturally I went to one of my best friends. I didnt even call him though. I sent him a voice message pretty much crying and telling him I needed to talk to him.

he didnt get back to me until the next day, (assuming he was busy, thats why) but he was apologizing and telling me to call him whenever I could. (and that day he was also busy so we couldnt make time)
yesterday however worked out, and he told me I could call him whenever I was free and he would pick up. I did, and he kept his word with me.
It still gives me that anxiety though, and I dont know how to deal with that. even so, hes one of the best friends Ive ever had in my life who lets me do that, and reassures me if im unsure.

anyone have any advice? thank you for reading <3