I’m looking to buy some tunisian needles on Amazon…I’d like some really versatile ones with a wide range of sizes…do y’all have any suggestions?


Stay with the same material and style you currently like. Other than that, read the descriptions carefully, not just the title and picture. Amazon has the ability for a seller to edit a listing with a new item and a new description but keep the same reviews and ratings,that is why the reviews will be for items that have nothing to do with the listing, but it keeps the seller high in the results. So watch for that.
Personally, I am not a fan of the interchangeable version of any hook or needle (a very expensive lesson I’ve learned over the years) but if you are, buy one before you get the set… But on the other hand most sets on Amazon are cheap enough to not be a huge loss. I have a lot of knitting needles I have purchased of of Amazon and I have been pleased with all of them.


That was helpful, didn’t know that. Thank you so much!


if you like plastic, i reccomend the leeyein hook set that i bought off of amazn. It has 16 different sizes and is 13% off so it is cheaper than denise hoks and is $33


Thanks! I’m gonna check that out


i forgot to mention that they are interchangeable too


Check out Toni Lipsey above. She’s all about Tunisian and Kim Guzman .

They’re both directed towards the beginner. I think Kim has been doing it longer but don’t quote me on that.

But, typically the material your crochet hook is made out of is going to be best for tunisian hook.