AI patterns?

If I ask an AI to generate a pattern who does the pattern belong to? Am I allowed to put it onto my shop (For free)? Let me know what you think!


Personally, I dont like the idea of AI patterns. This is because the ai had to get its information from somewhere. Chances are, that pattern came from some deep corner of the internet. Following that thought, you didnt make the pattern, so it doesnt feel right to call it your own. Idk, just my thoughts.


I’m not so sure about claiming the pattern, but you could probably use ideas or bits of it! AI patterns also might not be the best looking… I saw this YouTube video about making patterns generated by chat GPT and they were hilarious!


I don’t think it necessarily is stealing other patterns, but using its “knowledge” from reading about and looking at patterns to create one itself. I would say it’s not a thing you should claim as yours tho, which is basically what you are doing when you add something to your shop :))


I would not mess with AI in the creative space. It often takes fragments of available works and puts them together (albeit poorly right now). I would never personally include an AI pattern in a shop or buy one.

Its a reallt bad ethical rabbit hole I wouldnt go down or reccomend going down. Wacom art tablets essentially just alienated its entire clientel by using AI art to promote its product instead of paying a digital artist (whom they target for revenue) to make it. It was a big ick morally and I know a lot of people vehemently against it.


I would say no.

My reason why:
My teachers are realizing my classmates are (stupidly) using AI for our research paper; other people in the school use it for other assignments. They get a 0% on the assignment and get supsended from school.

Just my thought. If I taught a class and found out they did this, I would do the same and I see it as playgarism (spelled that SO wrong :sob:)


I would say just no only bc it has to take info from somewhere and technically you didnt make it ai did so you shouldnt try to claim it as yours
Just my thoughts


The thing with AI is that more often than not it won’t create a pattern, the ownership is not really the question here. Good patterns are easy to read and concise. AI tends to just repeat common phrases, often repetitively or contradicting itself. You would most likely have to do so much manual work to make a generated pattern into a functional pattern.
My personal opinion on putting it on a store regardless of price is that it would be like click bait, which might get some quick early traffic. It would also lower the “brand” quality/loyalty by being less consistent with ones own style, skill, and experience.
But as others have said it’s not generating a unique pattern it’s making a smoothie of established patterns from the internet.


I think that the human brain works far better than AI. You could come up with unique and excellent patterns all by yourself without using AI. AI could generate gibberish which would end up irritating your potential customers and risk your reputation as a designer.


I’d post it especially when it’s free. Probably with claim that it was AI… BUT!
I tried it couple times and trust me you can’t just copy and past. Those patterns have some mistakes, plus you still have to make it first to check it, idea was yours, you still have to do a lot of work around it, like photos, instructions etc. AI is a tool, it won’t make it for you.