Am i the only one who's ever done this??

So something sort of hilarious but also super alarming happened to me last night… I swallowed a stitch marker! I know I’m not the only one who uses their mouth to hold things like needles and stitch markers when they’re working. i was actually holding two stitch markers with my lips and i guess i inhaled and one just went right down my throat! The marker was clipped shut and even if it opens it’s plastic and not very sharp?? It’s been over 12 hours now and i feel fine but im definitely stressing a bit. Has anyone else ever done this?? just me??


I’m not a doctor but I think you’ll be ok. I haven’t swallowed anything crochet related yet, but I’ll probably swallow a needle and die sometime. It’s fine.


I’ve never done this before. I did scratch my under-nail by closing it shut fast and harshly. :sweat_smile: I think/hope you will be fine


:flushed: I don’t put stitch markers or needles in my mouth normally…I think you’ll be fine if nothing has happened yet. And if the stitch marker is closed you should be fine. It must have been weird though. Anyways, if you feel weird or think that something’s going on relating to the “stitch marker incident” call a doctor. :blush: