✨Amazing Announcement✨

We are excited to announce…
A new employee!
Yes everyone, we have a new employee. Unfortunately he is actually not on Ribblr, but we will try and convince him to join. He is going to be a HUGE help. His job is going to be ordering things off Amazon so we can actually start our business. He is also going to be our delivery person too! We are so excited and thought we should tell you all the good news too!

Also, we are very sorry about not posting often, adding and thanking people for following us, and just not being very active too. We have a lot of things going on right now (SOL’s, website launching soon, etc.). We hope you understand and we will be a little more active this week!

We love and appreciate all of you SO much! We hope you have an amazing day!

                                                                            - Davis + Driscoll

so glad we got a new helper to help us out! we really need the help with materials

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Yay! I hope that he helps you out a lot! Good luck on the business! And dw ab not posting! We completely understand how busy you all must be! Best wishes​:two_hearts:


Yay congrats! I hope you get all the help you need! We understand that you’re really busy, good luck!


Congrats :muscle:

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