Another question for my fellow designers

It seems that there is a finite pool of people willing and or/able to test knit and crochet patterns so I’m thinking of reaching out on social media for testers. Do any of you go this route and if so how do you go about it? I’m wondering how to get the pattern to testers that are not on Ribblr. Is it OK to print the pattern and forwarding to a non-Ribblr tester?

Any insights or suggestions are welcome. Thanks


I have run into this myself with my knitting patterns. There just do not seem to be very many knitters here. But I also do not trust anyone I get off of social media, and it seems that taking your pattern to them (outside of ribblr) defeats the goal of getting more knitters onto ribblr.
I have actually seen far too many posts trying to get people to go to other sites to do whatever and like and follow them there and what have you and say that it was an effort to get more people to ribblr… I call bull on that. If you want more people on ribblr then you post your stuff elsewhere and tell them they can only access here. If they want it, they will come get it.
If you just give it away elsewhere, you have no control over who is getting it, and what they do with it, and no guarantee that you will get anything back in return.
That’s my $,02 anyway.


I will sometimes (and have seen) others post about tester calls on sites like Instagram, and just say that in order to test they need a Ribblr account. That way you can still revoke access to testers that dont finish testing, and expand the testing pool. I feel like Ribblr has a lot of users, but the forums are definitely not intuitive at the moment, and i see the same people active. So i think just directing others to make a ribblr it account on other platforms may increase that interest!


True! I only conduct my tests on Ribblr cause it’s easier to use both for users and designers. And I believe if someone really wants to test, they’ll come to the platform. It’s so simple, takes a few minutes to set up an account, and 5 seconds to apply for testing!

@Cloud9 to answer your question I believe Ribblr has a function to get a pdf version of your pattern. I’m not too sure how it works, I haven’t used it myself!


I get testers from Instagram, Facebook, and Ribblr. If you are only wanting a Ribblr version, then you state that they need a Ribblr account but it is free to join. I usually have a pdf version and a Ribblr version so I ask people outside of Ribblr which version they’d like to test. It can be hard to get Ribblr testers outside of Ribblr since it is newer.

If you do decide to make a testing call on Instagram, I suggest only asking that they follow you and state that you will follow all of your testers. The ones where they make you share to your story and tag a bunch of people are just annoying and will deter most people from applying.


I know that it has a function to add a pdf like you do the pictures and videos, but I don’t think it allows you to make a pdf of your pattern. (I could be wrong, I have not played with it very much) Copy paste does not work in either direction, lol.


I just tested it to see (the generate pdf option when you click the gear icon) and what you get is indeed a pdf of the full pattern! Not sure it can be saved or shared to other platforms though since it comes as a web page. And the free version is watermarked with Ribblr’s logo all over, that way people still know where it comes from!


hmm, something to think about
ooooohhhh, I bet it’s for sewing patterns, for the printouts. But It’s nice to know it’s there.


You guys are the best!!! Thank you to all of you that replied to my question. I think I will go with what you suggested, put the call out for testers but encourage any volunteers to join this incredible team. I know that once they try Ribblr, they will love it as much as we do.




Sorry if i am intruding BUT I am LOVING LOVING LOVING all the positivity and support in this conversation! I am a tester and have never designed anything AND i agree with everything you are all saying! I come here to try and help someone with a pattern and do my best to find any issues with a pattern be it stitch counts or spelling or repeated steps. I don not apply to the tests that say i must follow them or blah blah blah! I am very willing to post on my insta account and give maker credit and direct to ribblr for pattern! I love this community and really dont comment that often BUT ya hit a cord with me!! Keep it up!! :heart:


The whole like and follow and join my fan club thing in order to even test is rediculous. The testing is the favor, that should be enough.
My following may be small but I can look at it with real pride because I actually earned it. Not a single person was coerced into it.