Any creations you've been wanting to make?

I have a question for you guys.
Is there something you have always wanted to make but for some reason just haven’t??
For me,
I have always wanted to crochet something practical like the bag i have added in this post, in fact I HAVE actually tried to crochet one however I came to a realisation that I was too lazy to complete it after a long time and just decided to cut the yarn off and weave the ends. I also realise I dont have a lot of time but im planning to make one during school holidays. Sometimes, I feel a little shy to bring my creations out for others to see but I guess I have to at one point haha :wink:


I’ve always wanted to make sweaters but lack the confidence to get a good fit. I jumped into the deep end last week and started 2! I did some research on fit and shaping then went for it. Both are halfway there. I’m holding myself accountable for finishing them.

Decide on some sort of reward for finishing, maybe a cute embellishment (pin, buttons, beads) for the bag. Don’t buy until it’s finished.

Sharing your FOs helps in so many ways! It will encourage you to finish projects, create relationships within a community and get expert opinions to improve your work.

Good luck with your bags!


woahh good luck on your sweater!! and thank u for the advice :laughing:


I have such a long list of things I’ve been meaning to make! it’s never ending :sweat_smile: :joy:


I have a lot of them started in my shop … to be finished … someday. Ha


Girl… You spoke to my soul :laughing::laughing::laughing:
I have several UFOs that were abandon because I realized I was too lazy to finish that particular project (or startitis strikes :woman_facepalming:t3::laughing:)

I don’t have any type of project that I want to make and haven’t, I also don’t have any stitch/technique that I want to learn but haven’t… But this is only because I have finally done all of those that I had… Socks was my biggest “I want to but haven’t yet”, and I finally did that a few years ago, now I love making them! (As soon as I finish a test knit, I’ll go back to having a pair of socks ready as my “in the car” project)
I do however have a pattern wishlist, not in the sense of I’d love to buy that pattern, but instead a “someday I’ll make that”… My current biggest desire to make is the beekeeper quilt (NOT MY PIC, Credit to designer: Tiny Owl Knits)


Ya know, those bags look professional!


I’ve been wanting to crochet a costume for Halloween but I don’t know what to crochet and it’ll be a lot of yarn


haha same!!!


Ooo!! It’s so great to see that ppl commit to doing things. Recently I just finished a small bag for a relative and it looked pretty good and the process was fun so that’s why I feel like this time I am able to commit


Agreed, deformity a lot of yarn would be taken up. However, I feel like you should just go for it and give ur a try :)) if you don’t like it you can always frog it and redo​:smile:


That’s so true, I always forget I can just undo the whole thing lol, thanks!


There are so many things I want to crochet and haven’t! My wishlist is full of them. My Pinterest is full of them. I just have too many wants.


Let’s make it easy and doable.

When you finish your current thing- what’s the next thing you want to make?

I want to make these squares into a big blanket.

Ok, what’s yours?


Aww that’s so cute! Honestly right now, I’m not sure. I crammed for all of the Christmas gifts. And I’ve got some swatches to work on for grannyroomcrafts. And I think 2 tests that I already proofread and sent back to designers, but still need to actually do them. I’m not really sure what I want to do next.