Any patterns for a baby boy?

Im looking for some free crochet patterns for a newborn baby boy (preferably amigurumi ). My sister is having a baby boy in may and i need some pattern ideas (ik its ages away but i need yarn ect). I really wanna make something for him when hes born but im struggling to find patterns.

Also off topic but would you like it if i made a post every couple of days or something where i post free patterns but with a theme that you suggest ideas for in the comments and i will credit the person who suggests the theme. Feel free to suggest ideas in the comments of this post!!


i don’t have any baby patterns, but i think posting free patterns with a theme sounds nice


Dont worry about it and thank you.


I found some patterns that I think would be cute for a baby boy.


Here’s some ideas from my shop. The football could be made in a few different colors, like school or NFL colors in his area or parents favorites. And the car would be cute to add to it. Thinking they both could work for a streamer banner type of thing like this.

And teething rings are always good for babies.

Another pattern I have been having fun with is this bundle. They are each available separately also. And rattles are available. Maybe just check out her shop …

Oops, just re-read your post, not a lot of amigurumi there …


I found this cutie!

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Thank you super cute patterns

Thank you. Haha dont worry about there not being alot of amigurumi there.