Anyone have a good Brain/Cloud crochet pattern?

Does anyone have a pattern for a brain/cloud?
(A brain shaped like a could, basically rlly bumpy and round)

One of my friends birthday is coming up in april and i would love to crochet them one of their Oc’s, and a pastel rainbow raven (their favorite animal/color)

And i cant seem to find a good pattern. Any suggustions?


das chubba has a cloud pattern, I can link it for you if you want.

Do you mean like a brain that has a rain cloud looming over it???


The Oc is named Bob and he is a brain,
But he has a cloud look to him

So i guess what im looking for is a puffy, but bumpy cloud patten

A Mammatus cloud has the most resemblence


ah, idk then. I had a look but i couldn’t find anything, sorry.

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Its okay, i can do some more looking js was wonderin if anyone had anythin :).


The closest thing I can thing of is making an oval with a bunch of popcorn or puff stitches.


I would probably search cloud or brain patterns and hopefully find a pattern that best looks like what you want and modifying it to match since it’s hard to know what it looks like

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I did this and found one ty :))

Are you saying a brain that looks like a cloud or a cloud that looks like a brain?:crazy_face:

Brain that looks like a cloud

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