anyone having trouble getting doodles on patterns to last?

ya know, this little guy right here:
(hoping the picture attaches directly below this lol)


i use this tool very often to write notes on patterns i’m using, but after revisiting some of the patterns i wanted to remake using the modifications i wrote in, everything i had written down is all gone. i click on the pen icon at the bottom of the screen like you do when you want the doodle menu to open, and none of my notes are there. this has been going on the entire time i’ve used the feature, and i haven’t been able to pinpoint a trend as to how long my notes last before they disappear into the void. all i know is i can reopen the pattern an hour later or a day later and my notes are all gone. does anyone know why or have any solutions? i haven’t erased or hit undo, i’m using the same account, same device, app has not been uninstalled or reinstalled, literally nothing has gone on that i could think of that would be affecting this :frowning:

:warning: update: ribblr’s tech team messaged me about this so hopefully they’re able to figure out what’s been going on! :crossed_fingers: thank you ribblr team for always being so attentive and responsive <3


I have noticed this also. No way to pinpoint when, where, or how. I guess I could try again and see ???

This is the 2nd time to make this pattern so I looked. There is still some writing from before. But, when I tried to erase it, the box with the color symbols and eraser etc … disappeared. Not sure what happened to it. Gotta be a glitch. I use a chromebook? You?

I started over in a different tab and the box (as you have pictured) was there again. But, I moved it over out of the way. Then moved it again and it disappeared. Again.


Same on my computer. If I click it disappears and I can’t click on anything, I have to go out of the pattern and in again and then everything’s gone


This issue was escalated to our tech team


i’ve been using my s22, but the issue happened on my old s8 as well :frowning: and wow i haven’t had the issue of the box disappearing, that is so strange! what does this doodle tool have against us :sweat_smile: