Anyone know?

Anyone have a resource on what is the best crochet hook for a type of yarn?

For example, crochet hooks made out of wood is best for mohair yarn.


I’ve seen a youtube video somewhere but I can’t remember what it is :dizzy_face:

All I know is, wood hook when it slips, metal hook when it grips, to counteract the effect. And resin hooks can be a little bit grippier, too.


They’re really isn’t a “best” or “worst” material to use with any particular fiber. The right hook will depend on the stitches being made, the size of the yarn, and your comfort level.
I could use the exact same yarn on two different sweaters and needed two different types of needle depending on the technique in doing.
Rule of thumb is that plastic/acrylic/nylon will squeak with synthetics
Wood will offer more drag
Metal will offer more slip


Any resource that states more than that will only be opinion.
I personally hate circular needles and refuse to use interchangeable anything. I think all interchangeable knitting needles are pure crap because the idea behind them is flawed.
I could write an entire article on the subject and make it sound completely researched and technical and offer all the reasons behind my thoughts on this and probably even provide data and research as to why I’m right. But someone that just dropped $200 on a coveted set of Chiaogoos is going to think I’m an idiot