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Hi there, I’m quite new to ribblr, so far I love it, i have only uploaded one pattern, and I saw your tutorials and saw it could be done on the phone, but I don’t find how to upload any pictures… Do you have more tutorials for Android uploading? I don’t use my computer that much and was really excited to be able to do it from phone :see_no_evil:
Still love all your features and I find it to be the most complete app on mobiles from this kind :ok_hand: congrats on that.
Would like to confirm, this platform is also for selling F.O? Still would have to figure out the freight charges (live in Mexico).

Thanks a lot, look forward to reading your reply.
Warm regards


Hi Echarpe!

Thanks for joining the Ribblr family :purple_heart:
You can definitely add patterns using Ribbuild on your phone.
Start by downloading the free app here. Then, simply go to your shop and add a new pattern or click the settings button to edit an existing one. Once you are in the pattern, click on the media icon, as you did on the computer, to add media to any line in your pattern. To add photos to the pattern’s cover page simply click the top box on the first page of your pattern.

It’s important to make sure Ribbuild mode is turned on (the bricks icon should be colored) first, as otherwise you won’t be able to do any of those things.

Only patterns currently. :relaxed:

If you need anything else - just let us know.

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Hi! Can’t find how to add the pictures… I tried to attach my screenshots, but is neither possible…

Now at my computer, i attach the images i tried to on the mobile…

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or maybe is my mobile?
Thanks again for your kind reply

Just click the camera icon after you click the media icon. You’ll be able to then attach photos to that line :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if i’m very insistent… I just recorded my screen for showing, after I click the media icon it doesn’t open nothing or allow me to choose any picture… That is why i think there is something wrong… I already tried to click even on the text that appear that I think is informative of how many pictures, and still nothing… Can’t upload the screen video… Thanks anyway, guess I will use only computer for now…

Very sorry to hear you’re having issues.
Don’t give up just yet :slight_smile: please send the video screen grab to and the team will assist you in solving this issue.

Thanks for the encouragement, just sent the screen video to that mail.

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