Hey! I was just wondering what the archive section is for…? Nothing of mine is in there and I just don’t know what it’s used for :sweat_smile:


This is a quote about what the archive is from Ribblr

Basically you can archive patterns you’ve made/aren’t interested in/organize your library really for whatever reason you want as you can’t delete patterns this is the alternative, you can always move it back to your pattern library whenever you want. I know some use it for organization, and other reasons, it’s really up to you what you want to use it for as it’s not permanent, it can also be used to track projects you’ve completed/want to complete etc

To archive a pattern click the top left button on the pattern photo to move it to the archive, to move a pattern that’s been archived back to your pattern library simply click the top left button again while you’re in the archive :smile: hopefully I explained it well, if not let me know so I can try and word it better! :grin:


the above is exactly what I use it for. I was making a free pattern one time and something was so off about it and I did not like it, so I archived it cause I just wasn’t into it.


Thanks sm!

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I archive patterns I’ve tested/made or really really want to make soon.