Are you okay? (Poem)

“Are you okay?”

They ask

I respond quickly

‘I’m fine’ with a smile

But am I?

I want help, I always want to be asked that question

But when I do get asked it

My eyes start to water

Filling with tears

Hiding the earthquake in my voice

The drought in my heart

Why do I want to be helped but reject it?

Do I even want help?

I get asked the same question again

Responding with the same thing?

I don’t want help do I?

Do people even ’help’?


If they did, why do they leave?

Why do they ignore you,

And replace you,

After making you feel like the luckiest person?

I’m not okay,

I know that.

But do I need ‘help’?

Talking with someone about what’s wrong,

Knowing they don’t care or leave me after

Do they care?

It seems like they do, but maybe they’re just good at hiding it

When in reality they don’t care, and would be better without you

Do they really want to know that I’m okay?

I get asked if I’m okay, but I don’t know the person

How can I trust that they care?

That they won’t tell others?

That they can help me

What is help?

Do people even know how to help?

Help is supposed to make it easier for someone

To make it easier by offering your own recourses and services

Do people still help?

Or is it something they say when they don’t mean it?

The question is,

Am I okay?


ahh- i feel this ): ik how hard it is, huggies :people_hugging: :people_hugging:


:heart: i feel u


i’m sorry olls :'< :people_hugging: i’m always here to talk <3


I’m so sorry :sob: this is so relatable-
sending virtual hugzz :people_hugging::heart:


omg this is so deep, also so reltable


I feel like this is a bit too relatable––


hugs and cookies​:people_hugging::cookie: